Celebrate on the Farm

Farm Tough Birthdays

We know how special birthday’s are to you. We also know that finding something special for your hockey player is sometimes difficult. Come and join us at the Farm for a Farm Tough Birthday.

Birthday Highlights

  • 2-hour party: Saturday or Sunday (Weeknights are possible)
  • Write kids names in the locker room hockey stalls and a take away prize for each person, as well as a special birthday hat or t-shirt
  • 2 High School hockey players chaperone the party. They will help tie skates, (have inline skates if needed) get the kids on the rink, skate with them and organize the kids into teams to have a mini- tournament. We will present the Farm Tough Trophy to the winning team and take pictures with the group
  • We will set up a table in the back of the barn to have cake, open presents, etc… (We can keep things cold in the cottage and have access to bathroom, etc…)
  • The last half of the party kids can skate again if they want or participate in Farm Tough Games/Events
    • Football
    • Dodgeball
    • Kickball
    • Soccer

“This was an absolutely perfect place to celebrate my son’s birthday.  My son and his hockey buddies had an awesome time. I think we will be celebrating there again.”

– Maureen Murphy, Mom


FEE: $225

  • Up to 9 people
  • Provide a Farm Tough party invite you can send out
  • Available for Spring, Summer, or Fall

SUMMARY: 2 Hour Party

  • Mini-Hockey Tourney: Approx 40-60 min
  • Eat/Cake/Open Gifts: Approx 20-30 min
  • Farm Tough Games/Events: Approx 20-30 min

“It was so GREAT, I do not know what to say. I will definitely have my next birthday party there”

– Bryce Peterson,  birthday boy

Questions? Call us at 414-899-5960