Farm Tough Roller Hockey

Our goal is to help players develop and advance their hockey skills and understanding of the game all while having a blast!


Since that time we have made a HUGE impact on the national roller hockey scene, claiming both regional and national titles in all age groups!  More importantly, our kids are getting off the ice, taking a break from the long season and coming back to the ice stronger, with more confidence and drastically increased skills and a better understanding of the game.  They are turning heads at tryouts and causing other players and parents to ask, “What did you do this off-season?”

Be a better hockey player

Roller hockey is played 4 v 4 with NO off-sides and NO icing. This style of play further opens up the rink allowing players extra time with the puck on their stick. This, in turn, develops a player’s stickhandling and passing skills while developing their confidence to make smarter decisions with the puck.

Get the best of both worlds

The secret is starting to get out. There are dozens of elite players that play and use roller hockey as cross-training in the off-season. Are you ready to have a blast? Are you ready to play Farm Tough?

Farm Tough Roller Club Season


Our Alkali Farm Tough Roller Club runs April – June each year. We practice weekly at the Farm. The focus is on fitness and skills training. We also have a minimum of two big rink practices to focus on Team skills and tournament preparation.

All training/practices are taught by Peter Dale, 6x World Champion, and Former Roller Hockey Pro.

Farm Tough Roller Club Teams


We are looking to field teams in: 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 16U
We will divide kids into Tier I and Tier II if there are enough players.
We have players from Waukesha, Winter Club, Arrowhead, Ozaukee, SHAW and the Jr Admirals!

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