On and Off-Ice Winter Camps


When it’s cold and the snow flies is when we get Farm Tough. Our winter programs have something for all players of all ages, Mites – Bantams. They sell out each year. They are a BLAST. They also provide a great gift for the holidays or reward for the special hockey player! Choose from our Main Camp or our Rookies camp!

With two camps offerings, our FARM TOUGH ‘Concepts’ CAMP, our main camp for squirts to bantams and our FARM TOUGH Rookies Camp for those ages 6 to 8, there’s an opportunity for anyone to get Farm Tough. 

“I didn’t see it coming but wow you did a number on his shot and stick handling. I put him in the boot camp for fitness and he came out with a super duper shot and unbelievable stick handling.”
~ Tom F


The Farm Tough Winter ‘Concepts’ Camp involves both On-Ice training and Off-rink training at the Farm. It is a great way to work on game skills and learn new techniques and secrets to play better hockey. This camp is NOT a skills camp. It is designed to teach you CONCEPTS of the game…how to play the GAME better! That means more fun and more success on the ice! Our Farm Tough ‘Concepts’ Camp will focus on on-ice training, off-ice training, and various events.

December 27-28, 2017 – $179
On-Ice at Eble: Wednesday 12/27/17 from 9am-11am
Off Rink at The Farm: Thursday 12/28/17 from 9am – 12pm

Phase 1: On-Ice Training Includes the following:

  • Offensive and Defensive Play and positioning
  • Odd man rush strategies: 1-1, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2
  • Corner battles, body contact
  • Backchecking strategies
  • Quick shots, rebounds, tips and screens
  • Escape moves: corners and open ice
  • Release points for Defensive players
  • Goalie Work: Gameplay, movement, rebound control, reading the play

Players will be divided on-ice according to age/ability.

We divide players into 3 teams to compete in the Farm Tough Winter Games. This is what makes our Winter Camp so special…team building, improving social skills and being kids!

  • Floor Hockey Tournament
  • Team Capture the Flag
  • Team Scavenger Hunt
  • Tire/Timber Strength & Strategy
  • Snow games / Snow sculpture building (if snow)

Ages 6-8

Our rookies program is designed for the younger player with BIG dreams! Kids come to the Farm to participate in our Farm Tough Winter Classic. It’s a combination of the Winter Classic and Winter Olympics.

December 26, 2017 – $69
Tuesday 12/26/17 at The Farm from 12pm – 2pm


Players will be divided on-ice according to age/ability.

  • Floor Hockey Tournament
  • Tire/Timber Strength & Strategy
  • Log Pull
  • Wheel Barrow Rock Race
  • 3 Cone Football Catch
  • Hill Sprint Shuttle
  • Team Building-Tee Pee Build
  • Snow games / Snow sculpture building (if snow)

USM Winter Camp December 27-28, 2017
On Ice both days at USM from 3pm-5pm – $169

*For description of USM Winter Camp, please see description of Main Camp above,
but note both days of USM Camp are on ice.


Beaver Dam Winter Camp December 29, 2017
For Squirts – Bantams

On Ice at Beaver Dam from 12pm – 2pm – $59

*For description of Beaver Dam Winter Camp, please see description of Main Camp above.


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